Sanders 2005 Confronting Africa health Crisis

Title Confronting Africa's Health Crisis: More of the Same will not be Enough
Format Publication
Authors Sanders, D.M., Todd, C., Chopra, M.
Journal Name (if applicable) BMJ
Date Published 2005
Open Access Y/N no
Hard copy PDF Available Y/N yes
Abstract At current rates of progress, sub-Saharan Africa will not achieve any of the millennium development goals.1 In health, the situation is especially bleak, with little or no substantive progress since 1990. All key health indicators are at much worse levels than those in any other
of the world’s developing regions (with the exception of malnutrition in children under 5 in South Asia, but there the situation is improving).2 3 In this article, we critically examine the main approaches currently supported by the international community for accelerating progress towards the health related goals— increased aid, reform of the health sector, and global health initiatives—and outline an alternative approach for improving the health of African people.