Bennett 2011 Building field HPSR agenda action

Title Building the Field of Health Policy and Systems Research: An Agenda for Action
Format Publication
Authors Bennett, S., Agyepong, I., Sheikh,K., Hanson, K., Ssengooba, F., Gilson, L.
Journal Name (if applicable) PLoS Medicine
Date Published 2011
Open Access Y/N Yes
Hard copy PDF Available Y/N Yes
Abstract Summary Points
  - There is an urgent need to build the Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) field and in particular to develop understanding across different disciplinary boundaries.
  - The development of HPSR is impeded by a cluster of related issues, namely (i) a heavy reliance on international funding for HPSR, (ii) an excessive focus on the direct utility of HPSR  indings from specific studies, and (iii) a tendency to under-value contributions to HPSR from social sciences.
  - Innovations in funding HPSR are needed so that local actors, including policy-makers, civil society, and researchers, have a greater say in determining the nature of HPSR conducted.
  - Strategic investment should be made in promoting a greater shared understanding of theoretical frames and methodological approaches for HPSR including, for example, the development of HPSR journals, methodological workshops, and shared HPSR teaching curricula.
  - Dedicated and supportive homes for HPSR need to be found within universities, and also be developed as independent research institutes.