Lippeveld 2000 design implementation HIS WHO

Title Design and Implementation of Health Information Systems
Format book
Authors Lippeveld, T., Sauerborn, R., Bodart, C.
Journal Name (if applicable) n/a
Date Published 2000
Open Access Y/N Yes
Hard copy PDF Available Y/N Yes, partial
Abstract The Development of health information systems is a fast-growing field. Not only is information technology changing rapidly, but concepts and methods for making the best use of existing data for managing health services and resources are quickly evolving. Efficiency in information management is becoming increasingly essential because of teh concern for cost control in services and the way service staff spend their time. Approaches such as the use of health indicators are rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception in order to reduce data handling, while increasing validity and timeliness. Efficient use of minimum data for managing cases, clinincs, and community health is essential, and it is towards this end that this book has been designed.