Mbondji 2014 Overview HIS SSA

Title Overview of National Health Research Systems in sub-Saharan Africa: Results of a Questionnaire-based Survey
Format publication
Authors Mbondji, P.E., Kedebe, D., Zielinski, C>, Kouvividila, W., Sanou, I., Lusamba-Dikassa, P.
Journal Name (if applicable) Jour Royal Soc Med
Date Published 2014
Open Access Y/N yes
Hard copy PDF Available Y/N yes
Link http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/0141076814530600
Abstract Objective: To assess the state of national health research systems of countries in the World Health Organization (WHO) African Region.
Design: A questionnaire-based survey Methods: Structured questionnaires were used to solicit health research systems’ relevant information from key informants in each country. Setting: Forty-six Member States of the WHO African
Participants: Key informants from the ministry of health in each country, with the support of WHO Country Offices. Main outcome measures: Presence of national health research policy or strategy, priority setting and ethical review of research.
Results: Of the 44 responding countries, 39 (89%) reportedly had an official national health policy and 37 (84%) had a strategic health plan. A total of 16 (36%) countries reportedly had a functional national health research governance mechanism, nine of which had clear terms of reference; nine (20%) countries had a functional national health research management forum. Functional ethical review committees were reported in 33 countries (75%).
Conclusions: National health research systems were weak in the countries assessed. Significantly more resources should be allocated to strengthening these systems.