Idowu 2003 Technology Nigeria Health Sector Experience

Title Information and Communication Technology in Nigeria: The Health Sector Experience
Format publication
Authors Idowu, B., Ogunbodede, E., Idowu, B.
Journal Name (if applicable) Journal of Information Technology Impact
Date Published 2003
Open Access Y/N Yes
Hard copy PDF Available Y/N Yes
Abstract The advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is gaining
ground in all areas of life and developing nations are taking advantage of this
opportunity in various sectors including the development of health care systems.
This paper presents a study that identifies the ICT indicators, such as mobile
phones, Internet hosts and personal computers, that are in use in Nigerian
Teaching Hospitals. The study explores the impact of mobile phones and the
Internet on the health care delivery system in Nigeria. Findings reveal that only
mobile phones are available in the hospitals. Medical experts use mobile phones
but none of the Nigerian Teaching hospitals is connected to the Internet. Internet
access is facilitated at the personal level via commercial Internet providers