WHO 2004 Use Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test 2004

Title The Use of Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests
Format Online Report
Authors WHO
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Date Published 2004
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Abstract Misdiagnosis of malaria results in significant morbidity and mortality. Rapid, accurate and accessible detection of malaria parasites has an important role in addressing this, and in promoting more rational use of increasingly costly drugs, in many endemic areas. Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs)
offer the potential to provide accurate diagnosis to all atrisk populations for the first time, reaching those unable to access good quality microscopy services.
The success of RDTs in malaria control will depend on good quality planning and implementation. This booklet is designed to assist those involved in malaria management in this task. While this new diagnostic tool is finding its place in management of this major global disease, there is a window of opportunity in which good practices can be established by health services and become the norm.