Cordero 2008 Funding Agencies Dev Countries Support

Title Funding agencies in low- and middle-income countries: support for knowledge translation
Format Publication
Authors Cordero, C., Rachel Delino, L Jeyaseelan, Lansang, M.A., Lozano, J.M., Kumar, S., Moreno, S., et al
Journal Name (if applicable) Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Date Published 2008
Open Access Y/N Yes
Hard copy PDF Available Y/N Yes
Abstract Objective The aim was to describe how selected health research funding agencies active in low- and middle-income countries promote the translation of their funded research into policy and practice.
Methods We conducted inductive analysis of semi-structured interviews with key informants from a purposive sample of 23 national and international funding agencies that fund health research in Brazil, Colombia, India, the Philippines, South Africa and Thailand. We also surveyed web sites.
Findings We found a commitment to knowledge translation in the mandate of 18 of 23 agencies. However, there was a lack of common terminology. Most of the activities were traditional efforts to disseminate to a broad audience, for example using web sites and publications. In addition, more than half (13 of 23) of the agencies encouraged linkage/exchange between researchers and potential users, and 6 of 23 agencies described “pull” activities to generate interest in research from decision-makers. One-third (9 of 23) of funding agencies described a mandate to enhance health equity through improving knowledge translation. Only 3 of 23 agencies were able to describe evaluation of knowledge translation activities. Furthermore, we found national funding agencies made greater knowledge translation efforts when compared to international agencies.
Conclusion Funding agencies are engaged in a wide range of creative knowledge translation activities. They might consider their role as knowledge brokers, with an ability to promote research syntheses and a focus on health equity. There is an urgent need to evaluate the knowledge translation activities of funding agencies