Wyche 2006 Historical Analysis

Title Historical Analysis: Using the Past to Design the Future
Format Publication
Authors Wyche, S., Sengers, P., Grinter, R.E.
Journal Name (if applicable) N/A
Date Published 2006
Open Access Y/N Yes
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Link http://susanwyche.com/papers/c29.pdf
Abstract Abstract. Ubicomp developers are increasingly borrowing from other disciplines, such as anthropology and creative design, to inform their design
process. In this paper, we demonstrate that the discipline of history similarly has much to offer ubicomp research. Specifically, we describe a historicallygrounded approach to designing ubicomp systems and applications for the home. We present findings from a study examining aging and housework that demonstrate how our approach can be useful to sensitize ubicomp developers to the impact of cultural values on household technology, to reunderstand the home space, and to spur development of new design spaces. Our findings suggest that historically-grounded research approaches may be useful in more deeply understanding and designing for context both in and outside of the home.
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