Hayford 2011 IVAC Improving Access to Essential Medicines

Title Improving Access to Essential Medicines Through Public-private Partnerships: Hoe the Private Sector can Improve the Distributeion of Essential Health Products to Remote Areas of Sub-Saharan Africa
Format report
Authors Hayford, K., Privor-Dumm, L., Levine, O.
Journal Name (if applicable) n/a
Date Published 2011
Open Access Yes
Hard copy PDF Available Yes
Link http://www.jhsph.edu/research/centers-and-institutes/ivac/resources/IVAC-Improving-Access-to-Essential-Medicines.pdf
This paper documents the poor availability of various EHPs in Africa and explores how to improve EHP distribution via collaborations with the private sector. Specifically, the paper aims to address the following objectives:
• Assess empirically if EHPs are less available than CPGs in Sub-Saharan Africa.
• Identify opportunities for health systems to improve EHP distribution based on lessons learned from CPG distribution practices.
• Illustrate how public-private partnerships can leverage the strengths of CPG companies to improve EHP availability by sharing knowledge or sharing infrastructure.